LAV 700

Light Armored Vehicles

The LAV 700 features state-of-the-art digital command and control architecture, including health and usage monitoring systems. The self-sealing fuel tanks, energy attenuating seats, add-on armour and scalable ballistic protection add to the increased survivability of the General Dynamics Land Systems double-VTM hull.

A high-performance driveline and suspension and all-wheel disc brakes are combined with a twin turbo Caterpillar engine, a seven-speed automatic transmission and a cooling system designed for continuous operation in the most extreme climates. This integrated unit can be removed and replaced in well under an hour, even in austere conditions.

All these features are integrated with exceptional attention to detail, fit and finish in a high-capacity chassis rated for more than 32,000 kg. The result is a technologically advanced LAV, with speeds exceeding 110 km/h and a range in excess of 1000 km. Trench crossing capability is greater than 2.2 m and its payload is 11,000 kg.

Like all General Dynamics Land Systems LAVs, the LAV 700 is available in a full range of mission configurations, including: personnel carrier; command and control; direct and indirect fire support incorporating 30 mm and 40 mm weapon systems as well as turreted mortars and assault guns; anti-tank; security, reconnaissance and surveillance; ambulance; and repair and recovery.

LAV 700 Brochure